RO69JACK 2009

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1 manfred jenning slug it out

manfred jenning slug it out

Darkness resurrected the pain, everything piled up in a
Your voice and the room that is way too clean
You were regretting the rainy seasons
“I want to see a blue sky”
All I did, stared at your face from the side

Seemed like she wanted to say something
But he gently swallowed the words
I knew everything, and he knew it even more
He stared my face and smiled warmly
That was the last word.

To the world I never seen
To the world that I didn’t know
I’m about to depart

Keep on running this road
Don’t let your legs float
In this world, in front of me, right in front
Where are you trying to go?
Wont’t be able to return
He let go my hands, over to that place, made him step

If you’re still on the road, don’t stop your legs
To this world, in front of me, so you can return
How far do you have to go?
I can’t vision you anymore
You’re running so that you can come back faster right?







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  • sae (14歳・女)2009.06.21

  • 中2女子です♪
  • やま (0歳・男)2009.06.17
  • おいおい格好良いやないか!
  • xyz (19歳・男)2009.06.03
  • ちょーやばい!

  • ぴろ (28歳・女)2009.05.28
  • 写真がかっこよかったので聴いてみたら ずきゅーーん!!
  • おんせん (35歳・女)2009.05.26
  • 頑張れ!!!!!